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clearly u are not watching tokyo ghoul right if u think uta-san is a cis dude

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he ranted at me about how i’m not doing anything for the people who give me physical support. who keep a roof over my head. who give me food. clothes. he said that if he turned off the electricity, all my emotional support will go, so i’d better do somthing for the people who give me physical support. he’s mad because i’m always on the computer. he’s mad at me because he made me this depressed mess. its their fault. dad. mom. you ruined me. both of you. mom and her absence. dad and his tough love bullshit and his controlling self

sometimes when i say ‘thank you’ to him for something. he says ‘thank you’ too. its not a mistake. he meant to say thank you. its a ‘thank you for acknowledging that i did something for you. if you didnt, i would be mad and demand that you say thank you.’ i wish i was lying but he has in fact gotten mad at me for things like not saying thank you and not saying good morning and stuff like that… if i dont meet his expectations… im wrong…

im always wrong… my existence is wrong…

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Hi~ I know some of the classical music background of Tsukiyama~

For the Fortissimo scream.. (I think also for the Tres Bien): 

Link to this song: Antonín Dvořák: SYMPHONIE Nr. 9 e-Moll op. 95, AUS DER NEUEN WELT, 1. Allegro - Allegro molto

For the time when Tsukiyama meets Kaneki at his university:

Link to this song: Dvorak : Symphony No. 8 in G major, Op. 88. III. Allegretto grazioso - Molto vivace

I just wanna share it to you guys in case you want to know what’s the name~ :D



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